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The Early Years


RAK (1973-75)

Mud Rock | Mud Rock Vol II

Mud Rock

  1. Rocket
  2. Do You Love Me/Sha La La La Lee
  3. Running Bear
  4. The Hippy Hippy Shake
  5. Shake Rattle and Roll/See You Later Alligator
  6. Dynamite/The Cat Crept In/Tiger Feet (medley)
  7. The End Of The World
  8. Blue Moon
  9. In The Mood (inst)
  10. Bye Bye Johnny

Mud Rock II

  1. The Secrets That You Keep
  2. Living Doll
  3. One Night
  4. Tallahassee Lassie
  5. Let’s Have A Party
  6. Tobacco Road
  7. Oh Boy
  8. I Love How You Love Me
  9. Hula Love
  10. Diana

Private Stock (1975-76)

The singles and b-sides | Use Your Imagination | It’s Better Than Working

Use Your Imagination

  1. RU Man Enough
  2. She Got The Devil In Her Eyes
  3. Maybe Tomorrow
  4. Don’t Knock It
  5. 43792 (I’m Bustin’ You)
  6. Hair Of The Dog
  7. L’L’Lucy
  8. Show Me You’re A Woman
  9. Use Your Imagination
  10. Bird Dog
  11. Under The Moon Of Love

It’s Better Than Working

  1. It Don’t Mean A Thing
  2. Beatin’ Round The Bush
  3. I’ve Got A Song
  4. Sweet and Sour Lady
  5. All I’ve Got To Give
  6. Nite On The Tiles
  7. How Many Times?
  8. Don’t Talk To Me
  9. Blagging Boogie Blues
  10. Vambo Rools
  11. Moving On

RCA 1977-78

The singles and b-sides | Mud Rock On | As You Like It

Rock On

  1. Burn On Marlon
  2. Let Me Get (Close To You)
  3. Walk Right Back
  4. Who You Gonna Love
  5. Slow Talking Boy
  6. Careless Love
  7. Drift Away
  8. Gotta Good Reason
  9. Too Much Of Nothing
  10. Cut Across Shorty

As You Like It

  1. Dream Lover
  2. It’s A Show
  3. 1-2-Love
  4. Heaven Was Meant For You
  5. As You Like It
  6. You’ll Like It
  7. So Fine
  8. Right Between The Eyes
  9. Touchdown
  10. Why Do Fools Fall In Love?/Book Of Love

1978 onwards