Mud Rock On

Released 1978 | RCA PL25170

  1. Burn On Marlon (Stiles/Davis)1
  2. Let Me Get (Close To You) (Stiles/Davis)2
  3. Walk Right Back (Curtis)1
  4. Who You Gonna Love (Stiles/Davis)4
  5. Slow Talking Boy (Davis/Kongas/Leroy)4
  6. Careless Love (trad arr MUD)3
  7. Drift Away (Williams)1
  8. Gotta Good Reason (Stiles/Davis)4
  9. Too Much Of Nothing (Stiles/Davis)1
  10. Cut Across Shorty (Walker/Wilkin)1



1Produced by MUD
2Produced by Mike Hurst
3Produced by Mike Hurst and MUD
4Produced by Pip Williams

Vocals Les Gray

Lead Guitar Rob Davis

Bass Ray Stiles

Drums Dave Mount

+ Keyboards Brian Tatum

Orchestral arrangements by Brian Rodgers

Tracks remixed by Tony Tavener (Maison Rouge)


My review

By 1977 MUD had changed labels once again, recording now for RCA. The resulting album, MUD ROCK ON, is something of a departure for the band who had, with their previous two releases, been developing a unique and marketable sound. Although the songwriting is as good as ever, the overall sound of MUD ROCK ON lacks enthusiasm and that certain spark that fans had come to expect from the boys.

We also see for the first time more than one producer, indicating a lack of continuity in the sessions. Andy Ball is replaced on keyboards by Brian Tatum, who also sings lead vocal on the track “Too Much Of Nothing”. The photo’s on the album sleeve show a more casual look for the band, with open neck shirts, beards, and a noticable lack of leather!

That aside, the album has a mature sound, and features one of MUD’s best tracks for a couple of years, “Slow Talking Boy”. With the exception of this track, MUD ROCK ON is an interesting but uninspiring collection of old and new melodies.

Lows: Those shirts...




Mud Rock On cover