Mud Rock vol II

Released July 1975

RAK Records SRAK 513

  1. The Secrets That You Keep (Chinn/Chapman)
  2. Living Doll (Bart)
  3. One Night (Bartholomew/King)
  4. Tallahassee Lassie (Slay/Crewe/Picariello)
  5. Let’s Have A Party (Robinson)
  6. Tobacco Road (Loudermilk)
  7. Oh Boy (West/Petty/Tilghman)
  8. I Love How You Love Me (Mann/Kolber)
  9. Hula Love (Knox)
  10. Diana (Anka)


Sleeve Notes

Produced by Flash Chapman in association with Nicky “If that ain’t a number one I’ never had a hit” Chinn for Chinnichap

Brass by Gonzalez Courtesy of EMI Records, on One Night and Tobacco Road

Strings by Phil Dennys on Living Doll, Diana and I Love How You Love Me

Pedal Steel Guitar by Harvey Hinsley on Hula Love

Piano by Pete Wingfield on Tallahassee Lassie and Let’s Have A Party

Femal backing by “Elie” on Hula Love and Oh Boy

Pete “They only pay me six pounds a week” Coleman was seen in the studios claiming to be the Engineer

The tape recorder was poorly operated by Phil “Hedgehog” Coleman, assisated incapablt by Lueutenant, Colonel, Brigadier Peter Alfonse De Silver, a member of the Scots Guards (retired)

The studio responsible for this mess was Audio International, 18 Rodmarton Street, London W1

On the 13th December 1974 a gathering of some 500 people? was held at the above studio to celebrate the completion of this album. Somebody said they liked it so a unanimous decision was reached to issue it during 1975 after which the mess was cleared up by Flash & Friends (lawsuit pending for damages to studio).

On the 14th December mid-day at EMI Abbey Road, Chris “Baby-face” Blair cut this album with a hangover and his trousers at half mast.

On the 3rd April Flash left England to avoid any connection with the enclosed product. Nicky was forced to stay to face the music

Gerard (I’d like to live in Los Angeles too) Mankowitz claims to have taken the cover photograph, nobody is disputing this fact.

Geoffrey appeared courtesy of Radio Trent and then disappeared. His presence will be greatly missed by all especially Richard Millard, and his place taken by Nigel Modula. Goodbye, good luck Geoffrey.

My review

Like their first album, MUD ROCK II featured a selection of covers, this time with only one Chinn/Chapman song, “The Secrets That You Keep”. However, the album also featured MUD’s third and last number one single, “Oh Boy”.

MUD ROCK II has a more refined sound than their first album, despite the return of the party noises. Additional musicians were used in the recording including Brass (Gonzalez), Strings (Phil Dennys), Pedal Steel Guitar (Harvey Hinsley), Piano (Pete Wingfield) and Female Backing Vocals from Ellie Hope (of Liquid Gold).

By the time the album was released in June 1975, news of MUDs split with RAK and Chinn and Chapman had become common knowledge. “The Secrets That You Keep” was the last Chinn and Chapman song to be recorded by the band (“Moonshine Sally” was released later, but had been recorded some time earlier). MUD’s rock ’n’ roll credentials are very evident in “Tallahassee Lassie” and “Let’s Have A Party”, and Les gets to do his Elvis bit on “One Night” which became their last single for RAK.



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