Mud Rock

Released September 1974

RAK Records SRAK 508

  1. Rocket (Chinn/Chapman)
  2. Do You Love Me/Sha La La La Lee (Gordy)/(Lynch/Shuman)
  3. Running Bear (Richardson)
  4. The Hippy Hippy Shake (Romero)
  5. Shake Rattle and Roll/See You Later Alligator (Calhoun)/(Guidry)
  6. Dynamite/The Cat Crept In/Tiger Feet (Chinn/Chapman)
  7. The End Of The World (Dee/Kent)
  8. Blue Moon (Rodgers/Hart)
  9. In The Mood (Razaf/Garland)
  10. Bye Bye Johnny (Berry)

Sleeve Notes

Produced by Mike “Startripper” Chapman and Nicky “Nerves” Chinn for Chinnichap Ltd

Engineered by Pete “Rolled my Car Again” Coleman

Tape Operator: Rodney “God I’ve Wiped the Tape Again” Harper

Recorded and Mixed-Up by accident at Audio International Studios, London

Inspired by: H & M Wilson, c/o Downing Street, London

Party Noises: Courtesy of Gate Crashers Ltd

Producers’ Transport: Courtesy Rolls Roycs and Mercedes Benz

Cover Photo: Gered “I Paint With Colours” Mankowitz

Cut to Pieces by Chris “Baby” Blair at EMI, Abbey Road

Special thanks to Geoffrey, without whose help this album may have been possible

My review

MUD’s first album, MUD ROCK, was recorded at Audio International Studios during the early part of 1974. Unlike albums by their contemporaries (Suzi Quatro, Sweet, etc) MUD ROCK did not feature any of the band’s own compositions. Instead, the album was made up of a selection of covers of 1950/60s rock ’n’ roll classics, along with several Chinn/Chapman tracks. Despite being classed as one of the Glam Rock bands, they were actually a rock ’n’ roll band, which explains the choice of tracks on this album. Chinn and Chapman were very much in control, and in this case they made the most of the band’s experience and musicianship.

MUD ROCK is a fun album, emphasised by the party noises added to the background between tracks and the use of ‘Geoffrey’ from Radio Trent as a presenter. Unusually, MUD re-recorded three of their biggest hits - Dynamite, The Cat Crept In and Tiger Feet - as a medley. Also featured is the band’s sixth single for RAK, “Rocket”.

Amongst the album’s highlights are the acapella version of “Blue Moon”, originally a hit for the Marcels in 1961 and still a stage favourite, and Rob Davis’ arrangement of the old Glen Miller tune “In The Mood”. 

MUD ROCK reached number 8 in the UK album charts in 1974, and, it was my first LP (actually, it was on cassette!).

Highlights: RUNNING BEAR, the hits Medley and Geoffrey


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