Mud Revived

Me with Rob Davis At the end of 2015 Ray Stiles and Rob Davis reunited to play again as Mud.

The line-up of MUD is completed by Pete Phipps on drums, Keith Read on guitar and Ian Parker on keyboards. Pete was an original member of the Glitter Band. Keith is a long time friend of Rob and Ray and shares vocal duties with Ray. Ian plays alongside Ray in the Hollies.

The Grand, Clitheroe

Fans in the north were treated to a return of our favourite rockers. Ray and ROb were once again joined by Pete Phipps and Ian Parker. Keith Reid was unfortunatly ill and unable to be with them.

The show was once again full of hits we could all sing along to, intersperced with anecdotes from Ray.

Mention should be made of their support act for the night, The Mindbenders. Unfortunetely two of the band were ill so we got half of the Mindbenders. Despite this they put on a good show.


Half Moon, Putney

The guys made two separate apppearances at the Half Moon in Putney, on 13th May and 24th December.

Click here to see a review of the December show.

On 13th May 2017, Rob and Ray played an anniversary gig at the Half Moon in Pitney. They were supported on the night by Vambo, the band formed and fronted by Ray's son Jack.

It was a wonderful night with both bands giving great performances. Unfortunately, most of the pictures and videos I took that night seem to have disapeared. Below are all I have left.

Preston 2015

A friend and I went to the Preston gig where they supported Slade. Despite the limited rehearsal and lack of any kind of staging, Rob and Ray gave us a slick and memorable performance. They haven’t lost their touch and I for one was left feeling more than a little nostalgic.

But it didn’t end there! During the interval, as we shared a drink and reminiscences with other fans, who should walk through the bar but Rob Davis. I only met him very briefly, but to get the opportunity to talk to someone who was one of my earliest music influences was truly magical. It is a moment I will always remember. I only wish I could have spent some time with the guys to fill in some of the huge gaps in their story.

Maybe next time.

In the meantime, below are my pictures from that memorable night.

the guys

The guys...

the girls

...the girls...

the band

...and the band.